Vision and Mission


Our Vision is that every entrepreneur has the support and expertise required to fulfill the maximum potential their business offers. That they succeed deliberately, not by accident. When we realize our fullest potential, we will see clients living the life of their dreams, turning today's impossibility into tomorrow's success.

Founder and Master Business Coach Robert Chun spent more than 10 years perfecting our Proactive Business Coaching Process. Coaching since the late '80's, Mr. Chun was coaching business owners long before there was a Business Coaching Industry. While working with over 400 different business owners he conducted exhaustive trial and error research on the most effective ways to generate results for business owners. What he learned benefits every client of Level IV today. This is because every coach is trained and certified in our proven systems and processes before ever working with a client.

Mr. Chun shares his experience and insights in a book he's currently writing with Co-Founder Rich Chrono entitled "Taking Advantage: Leveraging the Trends of the 21st Century."


Our Mission is to find the most effective ways to apply our expertise, resources, and our Proactive Business Coaching Process for the benefit of every client, no matter what size they may be. And to find the fastest way to maximize the fullest potential every business offers its owners and their families. We must use every tool at our disposal, including our broad reach into business, political and financial communities, to light the way to increases in fun, free time, revenues, and profits that are nothing short of astounding.

Level IV understands the need to keep "earning money" in balance with the other priorities in your life. But we also understand that living the American Dream without money isn't possible. Someone once said, "Money may not be the most important thing, buts it's way ahead of whatever's in third place!"

The Bottom Line

Our Proactive Business Coaching Process generates:

  • Greater results
  • Faster
  • And for Less Money

than any other business development process today!