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Relationships in Business

Rich asked me to write about the importance of relationships in business - or was it relationship is the business?

Hmmm… let's see.

Did you know that thousands of years ago, the concept of individuality did not really exist? We were Mary of X Clan or Tom of Johnstown. We were never Mary or Tom, the individual. We always belonged to something or someone. As our capacity and knowledge grew, we became an "individual."

The great thing about the old clan system was that most people did not harm people of the clan because they would be harming themselves if they committed a harmful act. It made each person responsible for the survival of the whole. Commerce of the clan was about the survival of the clan. Simple stuff. Clan members specialized and traded amongst themselves and other clans. Large units of people helped the survival of the clan. People farmed areas until they became exhausted and then they traveled to new areas. The smart ones learned to renew the land instead of exhausting it. They went from being hunters to farmers. They shared knowledge with other clans. They trained each other in the ways of the land. The worth of the man in the clan was how many people he could feed and take care of.

With the advent of democracy and stable health care, large family units were no longer needed for survival - and we became a nuclear family. Two adults and two children - at least that is what I have been told.

Did you know that hundreds of years ago, we did not form bonds with people readily? Why? Because they could be dead the next day by sickness, vandals or wild animals. The emotional cost for that bond would have been too high if the bond was formed and the person was killed. Only after repeated contact did we form bonds of friendship.

With advances in medicine, we stopped dying so quickly and romance and courtship became possible. Instead of having marriages arranged prior to birth, you now had to go after those of opposite sex. (Lots of song and dance followed.)

So we have come a long way… We now have cell phones and cars. We even have Internet. But how much have we changed? Not much. Really. Our body still does not know the difference between stress caused by a saber tooth tiger or an angry spouse. We still seek out clans or build clans. We now just call them friends, tribes, organizations - and some call them businesses. We are no longer specialists in a tribe - we are specialists in a corporation. It used to be that you had to know people in a town. We now have to know people in departments - especially if we are in large companies. Or we have to know our Network.

How does this relate to business? Let me share with you

Without relationships, there is no community. And without community, there is no business. We usually start a business by tapping into a community called our natural market, but once that community is exhausted then what? Unless you have a large budget for marketing, advertising, and promotion, your options are limited.

But, this is not necessarily a bad thing, when you understand that most business comes from previously existing relationships.

But how do you go about building new relationships? One of the least expensive and most effective ways is through business networking and social functions, like Chamber of Commerce Mixers. The key to success in playing this game, like any game, is to understand the rules.

We'll go over the most important rules in next week's newsletter. Stay tuned…

Small Business Support is now… LEVEL IV!!

After months of conversation about a name that properly embodies what the people that make up our great firm are all about, we finally settled on the name LEVEL IV. We chose LEVEL IV because we realized that our commitment was to getting every client of our Firm to
Level IV.

We say that LEVEL IV is Where Every Entrepreneur Wants To Be. There are
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In summary, every entrepreneur wants to be with LEVEL IV so they can beat the odds. And then they want to become a Level IV client of LEVEL IV, because that means they've made it!!

What You Can Expect from Excellence in Business

This week's newsletter will focus primarily on what you can expect from every issue of Excellence in Business. We will also introduce you to some of the new and notable features of our greatly expanded web site.

Our intention is to provide brief articles about things that entrepreneurs can use to compete more effectively when playing the game called Business. Here at LEVEL IV, our commitment is to helping America's Entrepreneurs win the game of Business. To us, winning the game of Business means FREEDOM! The freedom to do what you want, when you want. To work because you want to, not because you have to.

Each issue will contain interesting stories from our Founders and contributing coaches, ways you can increase business, ways to reduce expenses, things business owners should be concerned about, tips and tricks, and resources that are available to help you. Each section will contain enough of the article to give you a sense of whether or not the information will benefit you. If it does, a link under each article will take you to a place on our site where you can read the entire text, or to a place where you can get more information on the subject matter discussed.

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Our New Web Site

With over 20 pages of new information, our new web site is one of the most extensive Coaching and Consulting sites on the Internet! It finally gives our clients, and prospective clients, a sense of just how powerful a resource our firm can be for business owners, no matter what size they may be! Our web design and development team spent months researching and creating all the elements that went into it. It grew so large that they realized they needed to create a Site Map in order to help people find their way around more efficiently! And they're not done yet!!

In the coming weeks, more enhancements are planned, but nothing on the scale of the transformation it's just undergone. You'll see new sections and resources added as time permits. And, rest assured, all its content has been created with a single purpose… helping each and every client of LEVEL IV Win the Game of Business faster! So when you have a minute, or ten, take a look around!

Client Of The Month

Another feature you will find in Excellence in Business is our Featured Client section. This section is about clients that are separating themselves from the pack. Each month we'll choose a new client that is generating extraordinary results for his or her business. With all of the amazing breakthroughs our clients are creating, it may be difficult choosing just one!

Our coaches will nominate the candidates for consideration each month. The recipient will often be chosen based upon growth, increase in sales and/or profits, transformation of their business, or some combination of these elements, but not always. Business and/or personal miracles may qualify for the honor as well.

I think all of us love a great inspirational story and, ultimately, that's what this section is all about… inspiration. Sometimes events that occur in our business and/or personal lives don't turn out as expected. When they don't, it's good to be reminded every once in a while that the next miracle is never more than one step away.

Business Affairs

No, this section does NOT contain information about which business owner is sleeping with someone other than his or her own spouse! What this section WILL contain is information of a legal nature that pertains to running a business. An attorney that specializes in business matters will write this section.

Each issue, we'll cover basic legal issues that every business owner should be aware of, as well as debunking commonly held myths and misperceptions about the law and business. We'll also be addressing current events as they pertain to the law and business. So don't miss this section!

I think maybe we should call this the CYA section instead of Business Affairs… CYA, as in Cover Your Assets. Because we all know how dangerous it can be to leave your assets exposed in today's litigious climate!! What do you think?

Anyway, if you have any specific questions or topics you would like discussed in this column, please email them to

Open Forum

No, this is not a column about a free course being offered by Landmark Education. This column will be a place where our readers can submit questions to our staff about issues that are concerning them in their business.

Questions may be submitted by email to Please note, however, that we will not respond to questions directly, but will choose one or two to be covered each week in this column.

For this issue I want to use this space to inform you about our upcoming seminar "Priorities". We've had so much interest in this seminar over the last few months that we've scheduled one for Saturday, June 19th. Please mark your calendar.

The seminar lasts a full day and may include 4 weeks of coaching follow up depending on which pricing package you choose

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