"I came to you a few months ago in a severe burnout exhausted from over twenty-four years of 80-100 hour weeks in a high stress business with no relief in site. My only thought was to close the business, in spite of its critical and financial success.

Your patient guidance has given me hope and set this company on a path that may very well allow me to continue to do what I love most in a way that is in alignment with a life style I have longed for. Wow! Your support and commitment to assisting me meet my goals is inspiring and unparalleled in my experience. The depth of your knowledge is amazing. You are a joy to work with.

"Thank you."

Gai Klass
Gai Klass Catering

“On behalf of Eric Stone Studios, we would like to express our deepest and most sincere thanks and appreciation and graceful manner... During the time of our work, we tripled the size of the studio, started six new programs and doubled our net income while stabilizing our expenses. We not only highly recommend your services to individuals, corporations, and growing small businesses but also consider your kind of consulting an absolute necessity in this ever-changing, fast paced economic climate.”

Eric-Phillipe and Nora Stone Co-founder/Directors:
Eric Stone Studios

"I look at where my life is now and I am amazed. There is not one area that has not been touched by your approach. My earnings have tripled. I can now say that I am truly happy, and I do things knowing that my actions have been carefully designed and are not random acts. No more of that! Thank you in advance for what the next six months will bring. I can hardly wait!"

Jovin Montanaro
Identity Incorporated

"LEVEL IV proves to be an effective business coach...Through [their] unique approach, I was able to define my goals, prioritize and actually execute them both in my dental practice and personal life. [Level IV] will be able to organize your ideas and goals. [They] will then assist you in executing your goals and making sure you maintain the success and satisfaction your deserve."

Mie Narita, D.D.S