Why Level IV Was Created

The guiding principle behind the creation of Level IV is one of empowerment. The founders and every one of our coaching staff are committed to transforming people's experience of life such that they are lit up by the prospects that their future holds.

We believe that we are living in paradise, in a time when the abundance that is available to all of us is unprecedented. Too often we find ourselves worrying about what we don't have, instead of appreciating what we do, or seeing what's possible and working to attain it. One might consider the words of Richard and Linda Eyre:

Our Abundance Makes It Hard

We live in the first time and place in the world's history and geography where our challenges stem not from scarcity but from surplus, not from oppression but from options, and not from absence but from abundance.

Instead of struggling to find our next meal, we are struggling to get our busy families together long enough to eat a meal. Instead of fighting for freedom to make our choices, we are reeling in the complexity of eighty-three channels, tens of thousands of consumer items, and almost limitless numbers of education, job and life-style alternatives.

It's not the sparse simplicity of too little but the crowded complexity of too much that plagues our lives. And the answers lie not in the balance of our abilities but in our ability to balance.

That said, too many people are not yet experiencing, or seeing, the abundance that life offers. We remind you of the story about heaven and hell.

An observer was noticing that both the people of heaven and hell were living in the exact same environment. Both enjoyed plush accommodations, beautiful weather and scenery, and endless tables filled with fresh and extraordinary food on which to dine. But the observer noticed two additional things: first, that no one living in either place had any elbows; and second, that the people of hell appeared emaciated and starving while the people of heaven appeared healthy and well nourished. If you recall this story then you know that the people of heaven lived well by feeding each other, while the selfish people of hell starved.

So many of the problems we face today can be solved by working together, by living from a paradigm of abundance, rather than scarcity.

This is why Level IV was created. The founders bring decades of experience in making businesses successful within reach of every business owner. They are committed to people living a life they love and living it powerfully, and to people experiencing the abundance that our world offers. They stand for a world that works… and works for everyone, with no one left out. They want people to go beyond the resignation of the day and to experience the heaven that they are living in. But in order for this to be reality and sustainable, it must be so for everyone.

The founders were exposed to this paradigm more than 25 years ago and adopted it as a life long calling.

They understand the limitation of what one coach or one individual can accomplish alone. Firms are built to fulfill a Vision/Mission that individuals can't fulfill. Therefore, the reason they created Level IV was to take on a bigger project, in this case, transformation of life on a societal scale.

The founders feel that we are between civilizational shifts. This shift will last 50 years. During this 50 years, many people's families, groups, organizations, and even institutions will be displaced. It is our hope that we at Level IV will take this event and turn it into an opportunity by creating an organization that can take it all to the next level. We realize that each level will last 50 years.

Historically it takes 200 years to effect the transformation of a society. One needs only to look as far as our own country's history over the last 200 years to experience what's possible. Not only have our founding fathers transformed our own country, but the effect of that transformation is so powerful it has impacted people in every corner of the world!

Level IV is our 200-year project. It will complete its mission when all people on this planet experience heaven on earth, living a life of their dreams.

How will Level IV accomplish this?

By taking on a sector that has a common denominator to it all, and by working with the various sectors of life to help them see what's possible… sectors like wealthy, or not, educated, or not, religious, or not, etc. The sector we chose to focus on first? Business. This is because the common denominator to make all of this possible is Businesses That Work! From there, we can create a business that works and a society that works. This is the first phase of creating heaven on earth.

It's important to understand that we're not here to fix what's wrong, but rather, to invent and show what's possible. We will walk the path with you, and, if there is no path, we will create one together

You are hereby invited to join us in our adventure… creating heaven on earth.

The Founders

It is purely coincidence that founders Chun and Chrono share the same initials. Their passion for making a difference for their clients is their common denominator, but their backgrounds couldn't be more different. In concert with Level IV's extraordinary coaching staff, these two men are working tirelessly to create the benchmark by which the entire coaching industry is judged.

Robert S. Chun

Master Business Coach Robert Chun spent more than 10 years perfecting our Proactive Business Coaching Process. Coaching since the late '80's, Mr. Chun was coaching small business owners long before there was a Business Coaching Industry.

He is a Futurist and a Business Coach. His work derives its power from his unique perspective on life, as well as a diverse disciplinary background in Eastern and Western philosophies. This approach accounts for and deals with many human factors that are not usually addressed in traditional consulting.

Mr. Chun began his practice in 1989, two years after graduating from University of California, Davis with a degree in Psychology and background studies in business. After encouragement from Steven Gabriel, a successful business coach and his lifelong mentor, he formed RSC & Associates in 1991. Over the years, he has helped create several other businesses, including Level IV.

He has developed a distinctive perspective on businesses and the world that has allowed him to accurately predict mass behavior patterns of people in organizations and society. This ability to accurately predict coming trends has helped many companies to re-design their business strategies and structures and to strategically position themselves so as to prosper through changing times. His ability to prototype and restructure businesses has had his clients achieve maximum profitability in the short term while accommodating for growth and expansion in the long term.Born in Seoul, Korea, Mr. Chun has lived in Los Angeles now for over 30 years.

Rich S. Chrono

Rich (don't call him Richard) Chrono handles marketing and operations for the firm.

He spent over 10 years consulting for Fortune 500 companies, predominantly in the Defense and Technology sectors.

Companies like IBM, DEC, Dell, Rockwell, and various divisions of Hughes and Teledyne. He also worked with numerous smaller companies and various industries throughout the '80's and early '90's. His areas of consulting expertise include Sales, Marketing, Management, and Technology.

He has been instrumental in starting and/or growing several companies over the last 2 decades. Due to his diverse experience and penchant for outside-the-box thinking, Mr. Chrono has generated breakthrough results for dozens of companies in the areas of productivity and efficiency.

He also spent 6 years in the financial services industry. During those years, he worked as a financial advisor, Branch Manager, OSJ Manager, and most recently as a District Manager for the nation's second largest money management company. He was responsible for compliance, as well as for training more than 1,000 financial advisors in the areas of tax planning, estate planning, and risk management during his financial services tenure.

After retiring from financial services, he spent the next several years mastering his coaching skills.

A graduate of the School of Hard Knocks, Mr. Chrono is a very pragmatic individual. He has no interest in stories or excuses. All he cares about is results. He holds himself personally responsible for the success of each and every client the firm has. Rich says, "Business owners are an extraordinary breed… people that should be admired. Here is someone that has walked away from any sense of security and risked it all to be Captain of his or her own ship. We owe these people everything we have, without exception, because they're counting on us! And when it comes time to serve dinner to their family, we know they can't serve our excuses!!"

In addition to his other responsibilities, Mr. Chrono is responsible for training and certifying all of Level IV's coaches.

He is originally from Minnesota and has lived in Southern California for more than 35 years. He enjoys spending much of his spare time with his 3 children.

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