What kind of business would benefit from your services?

Virtually any type of business can benefit from out services, including:

  • Start up operations that want to avoid common pitfalls and instead build their business on a solid foundation.
  • Businesses that have reached a plateau and are ready to move to the next stage of development and expansion.
  • Businesses that are well established, successful, and are contemplating a major change such as joining or separating from another business entity or partnership.
  • Businesses who want a knowledgeable sounding board to facilitate, clarify and challenge their thinking around important business issues.
  • Businesses whose current leadership is approaching retirement and wishes to make a smooth transition of power and responsibility of the business to the next generation of leaders.

How can coaching help me in my business?

Coaching is designed to help business owners develop a plan of action to resolve a specific issue, question, or problem. Coaching can lower the risk of costly mistakes. Coaching can assist you in the following areas:

  • Creating a budget
  • Reducing and controlling costs
  • Measuring financial performance
  • Making a large capital purchase
  • Managing accounts payable and receivable
  • Raising capital
  • Presenting to a venture capital firm


  • Improving internal communication
  • Improving efficiency
  • Providing better customer service
  • Selecting an information system
  • Implementing a computer conversion
  • Creating a competency-base computer training program
  • Creating an internet presence and strategy
  • Planning meetings and conferences

Sales and Marketing

  • Introducing a new product
  • Making an effective sales call or presentation
  • Negotiating a contract
  • Writing a business plan
  • Communicating with customers
  • Using the Net to communicate effectively
  • Opening a new store location

Human Resource and Career Issues

  • Selecting a new partner
  • Hiring a new associate
  • Firing or disciplining an associate
  • Resolving conflicts with associates and partners
  • Conducting performance reviews
  • Creating a performance management system

Note: Coaching in these areas is not intended to replace specialized expertise and advice from qualified professions. Rather it is intended to help the decision maker craft a plan that draws on all appropriate resources.

What if I lack the available reserves or discretionary income to be able to afford the services of Small Business Support, or any other high-quality coaching firm?

Small Business Support has a developed a fee structure that can fit into virtually any business budget.

How is this possible?

Small Business Support looks at each new client on a case-by-case basis. When the circumstances dictate, in the early months of some new client relationships, Small Business Support will charge considerably less than its standard rate for its services so that they are accessible to virtually every business.

How can you do that and still remain in business?

We have such a high level of confidence in our abilities, and our 10-year track record of success with large and small businesses alike, that we literally invest our knowledge capital into your business, until such a time when the results of our coaching and advice begin to produce results. At that time, we adjust our fees to levels that are more in line with the level of service and expertise we provide. In effect, we become an active, silent partner committed to the growth and success of your business.

Once I become a client, am I obligated to sign a contract or to use your services for a specified length of time?

No,  Our fees are billed monthly and at no time are you obligated to continue using our firm if you do not feel we are providing you with sufficient value for the level of services or support you are investing in.

Who are your clients?

Our clients are professionals, CEO's, business owners, entrepreneurs, sales executives, creative geniuses, and artists. Essentially our client is anyone committed to seeing his or her business grow and be profitable. Regardless of their professional endeavor or place in life, all of our clients have one thing in common: they are all successful, resourceful, and intelligent individuals who want to get even more out of their business and their lives.

At what point in my business would it be of value to have a coach?

Whether your business is just starting up, is ready to expand, or is expanding more rapidly than you can keep up with, or you need to rethink your strategies, you and your business will benefit from having a business coach help you develop a clear picture of where you want your business to go.

What happens in a coaching session?

During your coaching session your coach will explore your goals, vision, and dreams. Together you will develop a powerful strategy for achieving them, and choose what action is required to meet those objectives. Your coach will ask the questions and listen to your answers. Your coach will offer powerful observations and practical advise when appropriate and they will make requests that will challenge you to step outside your self-imposed boundaries.

What are some of the things my coach will ask me to do?

Your coach will challenge you to think differently and see your situation in a more positive light. You will take an honest look at your skills and resources. You will identify the gaps between where you are and where you need to go. You will develop a plan of action and find the resources needed to reach your goals. You will receive constructive feedback, be held accountable and enjoy the success from your efforts.

What results can I expect for my business from hiring a coach?

You will see ways to shift your business from earning revenue to making a profit. You will learn how to attract clients rather than go after them. And you will design your business so that you enjoy going to work every day, and will have the peace of mind knowing your business will continue to function well while you go on vacation.

What results can I expect for me?

You will feel energized, directed and have a clear sense of purpose. People excel when they are clear about what they want and why they want it. Clarity allows clients to focus their energy and skills to bridge gaps between where they are and where they want to be. Our job is to help you be successful by helping you see what you want to achieve and take the necessary action.

How is coaching different from consulting and therapy/personal counseling?

Business coaching can involve consulting when it is appropriate for the coach to offer the client advice based on skills, expertise, and training. It is also similar in that the best answers almost always come from the client. The most important distinction is that the coach stays with the client to help implement the new skills, changes, and goals, and to make sure that results really happen.

Business coaching is not therapy. Coaches don't work on "personal issues" or dig into your the past. Self-knowledge often comes as clients move forward toward personal and professional goals that will give them the life they really want, but it is not the focus of a business coaching relationship.

Business coaching is about the future and about achieving desired results. Coaches will refer to a therapist when the client needs to resolve personal issues to move ahead.

Why is coaching becoming so popular?

Coaching is becoming popular for several reasons:

How has coaching evolved?

In the early days of modern coaching (early 1980s) the focus was on "take actions to get results." By the early 90's the approach expanded to include the strategy of "increase your range of competencies and you'll get better results." By the early 2000's the coaching approach expanded to include the notion of "crafting environments in order to accelerate the outcomes." All three approaches can be effective. Well-trained coaches are facile with all three approaches

Some coaches may not deliver the coaching 'live'. Given the advancement of software and computers, situational solutions crafted by the coach (and perhaps a network of coaches) can be accessible to clients who can self-serve many of their coaching needs and who will turn to the coach "live" only when they need specialized attention. However, LEVEL IV currently provides all of its coaching live, e.g. face to face, via videoconference, or by phone.