Case Studies

Event Production - Grew revenue from $6,000 per month to $1,200,000 per year Time Frame: 1 Year, 6 months.

Encino, California. Repositioning of a company. The client was losing money in the projector business. At the initial interview his monthly revenue was $6,000 and there were no profits being generated for the company. Through our coaching relationship, the business was restructured and the business grew to $1.2 million in sales by shifting from selling products to delivering services.

Acupuncturist - 1,000% earnings increase
Time Frame: 6 months.

West Los Angeles, California. When we began this coaching relationship, this client was fresh out of acupuncture school and was making $800 a month working full-time for someone else. Within 3 months of coaching, she began generating $8,000 per month in sales. The marketing strategy was to use a proactive as opposed to a reactive approach to well-being using the Chinese model of medicine of keeping the patient healthy versus treating them when they get sick. By taking on the position of causing and maintaining optimal health in her patients her business flourished.

Multi-business owner - 1,000% increase in profits Time Frame: 3 years.

Downtown Los Angeles, California. The client started out as a retail/wholesale clothier, who hated paying high taxes. Through our coaching relationship, we had the client shift his focus to hitting $1 million in taxes to get him motivated to make more money than he ever imagined. As he expanded his businesses and profits, he paid $4,000 per year in taxes for the first year, $10,000 for the 2nd year and $40,000 the 3rd year. He now displays a check to the IRS for $1 million near one of his cash registers.

Computer Parts Business to Mini-conglomerate 600% revenue increase Time Frame: 2 Years.

Downtown Los Angeles, California. The coaching relationship took him from being a computer shop owner to mini-conglomerate. By shifting his focus to expanding the company, he founded a computerized design company that sold automated machines for clothing design and management. From there, he then sold maintenance contracts and then wrote the programs to run those machines. With his profits he invested in strip malls, then built a small computer design facility and sold cheap software to a budget-conscious market. The business went from $200,000 in sales to $1.2 million in 2 years.

Business Consultant - 400% revenue increase Time Frame: 3 Years, 5 months.

La Habra, California. At the initial interview this client was making $60,000 per year and was heavily in debt. We looked at the client’s goals, resources and the client chose to sell her condominium for a profit and then eliminated the debt load by restructuring real-estate loans. Taking advantage of her ability to work in different departments in large corporations, we began marketing her skills to different audience and in the first year of our coaching relationship this consultant increased her revenue to $125,000, and then to $250,000 in the second year.

Radiologist - 400% earnings increase Time Frame: 5 Years.

Santa Monica, California. When we began our coaching relationship, this client was working for a hospital that was bought out by a larger company. The client was also completing a divorce and finances were tight. Through the process of coaching this client increased his cash flow 400% and survived through the merger, completed the divorce, saved money, set up a second corporation, moved on to be his own business person, found an assistant to help with the expansion process and bought a home.

Video Production - 290% revenue increase Time Frame: 12 months.

Culver City, California. At the start of our coaching relationship this client was losing money on an existing product that was showing no signs of being a hit in the market place. After three months of coaching, the client developed a new product that was better targeted to larger corporations. This client went from making $100,000 per year in sales to $390,000 per year.

Stockbroker - 300% earnings increase Time Frame: 2 Years.

Beverly Hills, California. When we began working with this client, he was a successful broker who was ready to expand. Through our coaching relationship, we quadrupled his earnings by taking him from being a stockbroker to being an investment counselor. He became the first VP in his company.

Actor - 600% earnings increase
Time Frame: 1 Year, 2 months.

Tarzana, California. When we first began working with this client, he and his wife were struggling to pay their bills. We looked at his natural talents and resources and had him start an acting studio where he became an acting coach. His income went from $1,000 to $7,000 per month. He also created a website and provided a pathway for actors and mentored them on how to be successful in the entertainment industry.

Massage Therapist - 233% earnings increase Time Frame: 5 months.

West Hollywood, California. When we began the coaching sessions, this client was very disciplined and marketed to customers on a regular basis. By showing her ways to target her customers more efficiently and cost-effectively, her revenue went from $1,500 to $5,000 per month.

Realtor - 160% earnings increase
Time Frame: 1 Year, 5 months.

Marina Del Rey, California. At the initial interview, this client was averaging about $2,000 per month in earnings. Together we came up with a better way to market her services. She began setting up education/investing seminars for residential buyers and taught them the potential profits in becoming investors in 4-plexes or 6-plexes and how it can provide a positive cash flow. Her income explodes from $25,000 per year to $65,000 per year.

Loan Broker - 122% revenue increase Time Frame: 2 Years, 11 months.

Westwood, California. With our coaching support, we took this client from making $90,000 in sales to $200,000 in sales. The client went from an employee to self-employed in the mortgage business.

Life Insurance Salesman - 100% earnings increase Time Frame: 8 months.

Beverly Hills, California. Client was looking to expand his business. By applying targeted marketing strategies and having him focus on clients with the potential to produce a higher return on his investment of time, he increased his sales from $24,000 per year to $48,000 per year.

Computer Programmer Time Frame: 9 months.

Westchester, California. After his company went though a mergers and acquisitions process, this programmer found himself out of a job. Through our coaching relationship we had this client look at other ways to market his knowledge and reposition his skills in the workplace. Over a six-month period, we taught him to lead and co-lead seminars in programming. He was then offered a job with a real estate ventures firm. Through effective marketing, he repositioned his talents and transferred to another industry and successfully replaced his employment income with self-employment income.

Chiropractor Time Frame: 3 Years.

Santa Monica, California. At the start of our relationship, this client was in the process of a dissolving partnership due to a conflict of interests with two other practitioners. We assisting this client in deconstructing the existing partnership and repositioned her in a simple practice. This client went from having a huge debt to providing a viable service. This client was very happy with the process as she maintained a balanced life through the whole transition.