Business Coaching

Who needs Business Coaching?

The simple answer is… no one "needs" a Business Coach. However, every business owner, just like every top athlete, can benefit tremendously by having a coach.

Sometimes the same person that had an athletic coach won't work with a business coach because they worry about what others might think about it. They're afraid that people will think they're not smart enough or experienced enough to run a business on their own. The truth is that having someone working with you that is committed to getting you what you want most and that encourages you to push and be your best is a wise investment. No matter how well you are doing now, you can always do better.
And every champion knows that!

It's important here to distinguish the difference between a "Life Coach" and a "Business Coach," as well as the difference between an "expense" and an "investment."

Life coaching could be considered a form of therapy or counseling. It deals with personal issues that often are negatively impacting the individual being coached. And while it often produces significant breakthroughs, they are of a personal nature and, therefore, the money spent for the coaching can only be viewed as an expense (cash out of pocket).

Business Coaching, on the other hand, is all about working with a business owner to maximize the fullest potential the business offers. That means maximizing revenues, cash flow, and profits. Therefore, if the coach is doing the job, the money spent can only be viewed as an investment, e.g. $10 spent on coaching should return $12, $20, or even $100, in additional revenue, cash flow, and/or profit. And no successful business has ever become successful without a significant investment of time, money, or, usually, both.

Bottom line: An investment in Business Coaching is an investment in yourself, your success, your future.

Why a Business Coaching Firm and not a coaching group, affiliation, or individual coach?

As a Firm, clients of Level IV enjoy the benefits and security of knowing that a Master Business Coach reviews all session notes. This is to ensure that you always get the results and quality of service you expect. You are never left with the opinions and experience of only one coach! This is because all of our coaches have their own coach that is accountable for their clients' success and for their continued growth and development as a Business Coach. Further, if something should ever happen to your coach and they are unable to keep a session or continue with the relationship, another coach can be brought in immediately. Having been certified in the same systems and processes, they can provide the same structure and results the client has become comfortable with without the client experiencing any loss of time or money.That's security!

Ownership/Management Transition Coaching

Level IV has coaches and management consultants that are experienced in assisting new owners of existing businesses. Purchasing a business often requires a large investment or financial commitment. And despite extensive due diligence, many things can derail an otherwise sound decision. This is why working with a Level IV coach or consulting team is a wise investment. We can significantly improve the chances that your choice will produce handsome personal and financial rewards, and not the opposite.

With a staff that has worked with and developed over 400 different businesses, we can help you navigate the hidden traps and pitfalls that most often cause successful businesses to fail.
Any significant change causes fear and anxiety for most people, and especially so when that change involves your livelihood. So it's natural for a change in management or ownership to create:

  • Employees feeling threatened by the new managements style and intentions
  • Employees fearful of salary cuts or layoffs
  • A drop in morale
  • A drop in productivity

Rumors run rampant during the transition process and proactive planning is essential to minimizing your risk and maximizing your Return On Investment.
While Level IV does not involve itself in Mergers & Acquisitions consulting, we have consultants and coaches on staff that have Fortune 500 M & A experience and can guide new business owners in the most effective ways to manage this transition.

Featured Client

Supersonic Communications

What an amazing success story!
Founded by accomplished television executive Laura Law-Ney less than one year ago, Supersonic Communications had a couple of television programs it was selling and was generating minimal revenues for the company when we began working together in December 2003. However, Laura brought a mountain of industry experience, a fabulous track record, and an extensive list of past happy clients to the table. All that was missing was a little support in focusing her on her strengths, prioritizing her tasks, and obtaining a small amount of financing to get her through her next few months.

Since then, Supersonic Communications has:

  • Identified new members of her executive team in order to support its rapid growth
  • Consummated relationships with multiple major production companies
  • Generated positive press in all of its industry's top news publications
  • Obtained exclusive distribution rights to hundreds of hours of exciting, top quality television programming
  • Attended and represented new programming at two international industry trade shows, including the most recent in Cannes, the South of France
  • Obtained the short term financing necessary for its continued growth and operation

Supersonic Communications is now poised to be a global leader in the sales, distribution, and production of extreme/action adventure/sports and lifestyle television programming. The future for Laura and Supersonic Communications is bright indeed!