Ancillary Services

Marketing Consulting

The Level IV marketing consulting team provides our clients with the kind of security that can only come from knowing that your advisory team has decades of marketing experience between them. Whether you need a new image, a campaign to create new sales opportunities, or a way to increase your effectiveness in converting marketing interest into sales cash flow, Level IV is the clear choice.

The unfortunate reality is that it takes just as much money to execute a bad marketing campaign as it does a really good one. Level IV takes the guesswork out of ad and marketing campaigns. This way you know that your marketing dollars are going to do what they're designed to? generate a return on that investment.

The Steps To Supercharging Your Marketing Dollars

Level IV can assess every dollar that you are currently spending on marketing, or would like to spend, with an eye towards "How can we generate more for less?" To do this requires analyzing every aspect of your current marketing plan, including your:

  • target market research,
  • competitive analysis,
  • ad campaigns,
  • e-marketing effectiveness, and
  • interest-to-sales conversion process.
  • We also look at the back end, meaning:
  • What are you doing to increase your return from marginal sales?
  • What is your customer satisfaction level after the sale?
  • What are you doing to increase your repeat business frequency?
  • What are you doing to increase your referral business?

Our ultimate objective is to separate you from, and then elevate you above, your competition. We will leave your prospects with the clear impression that you have no competition; that they would be crazy to buy your product or service from anyone but you? regardless of price!

The principles are simple. The effective application of those principles is challenging. That's where our experience pays big for you! We will generate results for you where others can't.

A free initial consultation with you will allow us to give you specifics about how you can make your money work hard for you? instead of the other way around.

Tax Consulting

Level IV does not provide accounting advice or services. However, we work with business owners (and their accountants, if necessary) in analyzing their income and self-employment tax liabilities in an effort to reduce or eliminate these taxes legally. We can provide insights into how to reduce current tax liabilities as well as minimizing tax liabilities going forward.

Proactive tax planning is always the best way to ensure the lowest overall tax bill. When that isn't possible, understanding the audit risks and necessary documentation required by the IRS to substantiate deductions can prove invaluable to a business owner facing a large tax bill, or trying to avoid one.

Tax consulting clients of Level IV enjoy a unique benefit. That being, should you ever be audited for a tax year in which you received a tax consultation and implemented the information provided,Level IV will:

And we do this for no additional charge!!

Case in point, the IRS recently audited one of our consulting clients. The audit was triggered not by our consultation, but rather by a return that was prepared by a tax preparation company that is currently under indictment by the IRS. The audit covered the year that this company prepared our client's tax return and the following year in which we provided consultation. Even though the audit wasn't triggered by our consultation and involved a tax year not included in our original consultation, we provided hours of pre-audit coaching and worked with the client in answering the complex questions posed by the IRS agent and substantiating the deductions taken, all at no additional cost to our client!

Talent Management

Level IV provides career management and development
services for:

We focus on handling the business side of the creative arts.
Things like:

  • Image development and maintenance including:
    • Marketing
    • Press relations
    • Overall image/look
    • Wardrobe
    • Fitness
  • Income generation
  • Contract management
  • Financial management

Other Services

Web Site Design and Development