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Web Design and Development

Level IV’s Website Design and Development Team works hand in hand with our clients and our Marketing Consulting Team.

Many business owners and professionals use their website as little more than an electronic, online version of their printed sales and marketing materials. But a properly designed website can, and should, be a whole lot more.

A website, in and of itself, is not a marketing plan. It is merely a part of a marketing plan; a key part, perhaps, but only one part. The role it plays in your overall business is entirely dependent on its effectiveness in creating more revenue. And that effectiveness is directly impacted by the support it receives before and after prospects visit your site.

Before your prospects visit your site, they must be aware:

1. that it exists,
2. how to find it, and, most important,
3. why they should visit it.

After your prospects visit your site, they must receive service and follow up that meets or exceeds the expectations created by your website. That includes the professionalism and timeliness with which a salesperson or customer service representative uses when contacting them.

The proper design for your website is entirely dependent on how it fits into your business and marketing plans.

Ideally your website should flow in a way that filters visitors from broad general interest topics down into specific areas that will lead to your most profitable sales. It will lead your visitors down a path that allows them to qualify themselves from suspect to prospect to interested buyer. If your business is able to sell products online, this process will help you outsell your competitors and maximize your investment in driving traffic to your site. If your sale happens in person, by the time they have qualified themselves they are far more receptive to your salespeople because they have initiated contact with you, not the other way around.

This filtration process allows your salespeople to focus their time and energy on only the most qualified prospects. It will also significantly shorten the sales cycle. The increase in effectiveness realized from investing in this part of your marketing plan will, over time, generate a greater return on investment than any other part of your marketing plan.

Whether you are looking for a low budget site that starts from a pre-existing template or you require a sophisticated site designed from the ground up for your specific needs, our staff has the expertise to supercharge your marketing efforts and dollars. In addition to the sample sites you can view here, Level IV staff members were responsible for developing Oscar.com (the Academy Awards site), and parts of ABC.com, Playboy.com, and VictoriasSecret.com, among others.

A Level IV marketing consultant will meet with you to discuss how to design a site that will work best within your existing marketing plan. If you don’t have a marketing plan, we can help you create one that works in alignment with your business plan. If you don’t have a business plan, how is it you’re still in business? (Just kidding) We can help you with that, too!

If you are ready to make the most of your online presence or if you just have a question about our services, call us. Or you can send us a message by clicking here.